Why Are People Running Into the Streets Without a Plan?

For the past two weeks across the country black, white, and brown Americans have been protesting murders and violence committed against people of color by police. I would be remiss if I did not acknowledge the pain and hurt that I feel and see in the faces of the people marching through the streets. Many people have expressed more concern for the looting than the injustice. The families of those senselessly murdered have no hope that the police will be penalized.

The root cause is the lack of fair policies to protect civil rights and promote economic growth for a large percentage of the citizens in our country. The total impunity for police violence against African Americans and the millions of job losses due to the COVID-19 virus are primarily responsible for the people running out into the streets without a plan.

Once the smoke clears, I hope the focus of the protests will turn towards the need for American citizens to have access to an affordable education in tandem with policies to protect citizens from law enforcers paid to protect them.

The costs have soared for a post-secondary education making advancement prohibitive for most Americans with low-income service jobs. There is a need for funding to produce educated, skilled workers. The protesters have the attention of the nation. What can be done to convince our leaders to reform our education policies from pre-K to college?

I’ve heard people say they do not have time to pursue an education or improve their skills. There are recent emerging technologies and advances that require an educated, skilled workforce to fill those position. What can be done to convince the undereducated otherwise?

For decades, our justice system has placed African Americans at an economic disadvantage. The outrage we see on TV is a result of this hurt. The quality of life is diminished for the group of people who can’t navigate this country to live their lives without the fear they may not return home safely.

Our people go to the gas station, visit the playground, go for a jog, get a snack at the 7-Eleven, go birdwatching, grab a take-out meal, go on a date or make a quick trip to the grocery store carrying this concern. The reality is they could be accosted or murdered by the police or vigilantes who get off scot-free.

The people in the streets are fighting for equity. What can be done to convince our leaders to hear them and implement effective policy changes—for blind justice—this time?

I know I will put pen to paper. I will send emails to the leaders in the street asking to help those young people work out a plan. I will send letters to push for action from our elected officials.

The people running into the streets, chanting and marching around the buildings want this country become…”one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”

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