This novella is a compilation of short essays about the challenges I faced inside and outside of classroom. I joined the Technology Revolution in the ‘90s which changed my career trajectory.

The stories are a quick read that cover a range of topics. Bea takes you on a journey that gives the reader her unique perspective on poverty, education, continuous learning, self-care, spirituality, relationships, law enforcement, family legacy,  health issues and retirement.

I wrote this memoir to share how I reclaimed my genius and became the person I was meant to be.



Deferred Genius is Bea Clark’s first book. This work is a memoir about her life lessons learned inside and outside the classroom while earning her undergraduate degree.

The purchase of Bea Clark’s memoir includes the book cover with the striking artwork “First Sunday’ by Gilbert Young, Artist.

In this memoir, Bea Clark  shares poignant stories of her adult learning experience inside and outside the classroom while pursuing a bachelors’ degree in Business and Computer Information Systems from the Robinson College of Business at Georgia State University.

Bea shares how she followed her instincts and a well-thought out plan to join the ‘Technology Revolution’ to re-engineer her career. She reclaimed her genius…the talents and creativity that she suppressed in her teen years.

Do you recognize your genius…the talents that only you possess? Have you invested time with yourself to achieve what you were naturally born to do?

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“Bea, your story has a lot of causative messages. I realize it will fit with what is going on now in our country. It will resonate with so many people trying to get back into the workforce after the pandemic. Your positive messages will appeal to a lot of women of color.”

-Ted Hornoi-Centerwall, Florida Writer’s Association

“A lot of people will be able to identify with Bea and her story. I was really attracted to the artwork on the book cover. It reminded me of myself. As a little girl I did not know if I could achieve anything.’

“I appreciate you telling your story because a lot of women of color will identify with it. There are more women with this story who did not go straight through college. You want to quit a lot. I thank you for writing this book.”

-Pat Hurston, Executive Director, CEO Netweavers

“Deferred Genius will be a blessing to a lot of young women. The way that you tell your story…you persevered. Young women can benefit from this memoir. When you persevere, you can make it work for you whatever your life's circumstances.”

-Virginia Long, President, Airport Charter Chapter, American Business Women’s Association