Graphic shared in the article ‘Influential Women in Engineering’, Mar 2, 2020 by Chitra Sethi

When I re-enrolled in Georgia State University I had no idea, what lie ahead. I received my degree in Computer Information Systems (CIS) from the Robinson College of Business and embarked upon a career as a Software Engineer. The years of building knowledge and skills in math and programming languages placed me among the ranks of women engineer’s. Thus, began my STEM (science, technology, engineering and math).

I continued to learn and earned relevant certifications to continuously grow in my field. My career advancement was inevitable. My genius may have been ‘deferred’ for years after high school; however, I became ‘undeterred as I completed calculus, decision sciences, UNIX, C/C++, and other courses towards my chosen major. I moved from software engineer to business analyst to project manager to various leadership roles in information technology. At my core I remained an engineer.

With those math and programming courses I developed the insight on how to communicate on all levels. I used my technical knowledge to drive technical members of my teams to deliver and my business acumen to report concise information to our senior executives.

More important, I started an IT Consultant practice and worked with really smart people to deliver industry changing technology solutions. My world view was broadened when I traveled internationally to lead project teams in London, Paris and Sydney, Australia.

Are you considering a career change? Like me, the transformation may lead you on paths that you could not imagine.

Join me for my coaching session entitled, ‘Oh, the Places You Can GO!’ to borrow a line from Dr. Suess. We’ll delve into the chapter, ‘How to Work the TI Calculator’. In this chapter, I share a humorous and life-changing account of how I mastered the tools and technology to complete my math and programming courses. Mastering these courses cleared the path for me to explore the world as an engineer.


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