Book Reading & Coachable Moments – Chapter ‘Distractions’

23 January 2:00 pm

Are you stuck? Did you lose your job, were you furloughed due to the pandemic or are you tired of your job because of limited earning potential? We will deep dive into the chapter ‘Distractions’ to prepare to bloom in the spring.

Let’s reflect on where you stand professionally, emotionally, physically, personally, spiritually and financially. Did 2020 end as you projected?

Get UNSTUCK! Adjust your focus. Coaching Agenda: 1) Manage and Accept Change, 2) Stress 3) Self-Motivation

Groups of 5 will enjoy 60 coachable moments. There is no fee, however attendees must purchase the book.
Registration will be sent when the book order is received.


Deferred Genius Translated as Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

Deferred Genius is aligned with Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. Each chapter is associated with the relevant needs levels as I studued for my undergraduate degree. The chapters are dissected in the group coaching sessions to further analyze the life challenges and triumphs the author experienced inside and outside the classroom.

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