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The Opportunity Gap Program

Pictured above is Bea Clark delivering a message to STEM majors at Georgia State University in downtown Atlanta.

The Opportunity Gap Advocacy Program partners with workforce programs and
individuals to close the wealth gap for
under skilled people seeking to pursue science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) careers.
The workshops are designed  to
motivate participants to reframe their reality, increase their income potential and build generational wealth.

Deferred Genius, The memoir takes you on Bea's journey to achieving self-actualization. The essays are a compilation of her integrated lived experiences as a single mother and non-traditional student.  

Building self-esteem, confidence and unfettered achievement are exemplified in the
life stories. Bea emphasizes
the difficulty and her satisfaction in
completing her Business degree in Computer Information Systems and reaching a certain income level to change her career trajectory and gain
financial stability.

Career Transformation Workshops are scheduled in August - October 2022.

Costs: $97 Introductory Offer!!

The participants will receive the memoir, a customized tote bag, and a journal.

The Workshop Agenda

Emotional Agility: Overcoming the Urge to Quit, Developing Positive Habit

Mindset Shifts: Redirecting Focus, Career Transformation Planning



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