Better Than Fear

All fear is linked to the fear of death. Fear of not having enough, fear of being rejected, fear of not mattering, all of it is fear of death.

Fear is about survival. But survival doesn’t have to be about fear. A life of fear is no life. A life of inner peace and love, that is true living.” By Dan Pederson

As I am sheltering in place, I am taking care to avoid the mail, food and package delivery persons that are helping me stay home. Flashes of fear would appear when I opened the prescription boxes or carried inside the yogurt, bananas, dark chocolate and vegetables that I needed to stay healthy.

My son and a friend both reminded me fear can make you ill. I‘m cautious in spraying the packages with Lysol and emptying the contents in a bag to carry into the house. I wash the vegetables and wipe down the food packaging with Clorox wipes to ease my mind.

My sons and grandson expanded my spring garden to limit the amount of food delivered from the outside. Gardening is therapeutic. For years, I’ve planted and watered and meditated in the early mornings. I love walking around the garden inhaling the spring blooms and searching for new growth in the perennial and vegetable beds. The walks are soothing. In my garden answers come, and my fears are calmed. As Dan Pederson wrote, “Survival doesn’t have to be about fear.”

I began writing my book in the late ‘90s. Three years ago, I dusted off the manuscript to resume my writing. I cringed when I read my poor writing; but did not hesitate to revise my thoughts. Now I had post-education life experience to develop better stories. I was compelled to complete the manuscript; although, I had mixed feelings about completing the project.

That ole’ fear thing surfaced. My stories are deeply personal. Should I be vulnerable to help others in similar situations? Is this story good enough to compel potential buyers to purchase? Is my message clear?

I have no doubts. The past three months I assembled an excellent team of artists, designers, editors, and webmasters. We’ve created a final product I am proud to present to the world. I will launch my memoir in July 2020.

Do you have similar experience? Please share by sending me an e-mail from my website. I would love to hear from you.

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