Coronavirus Pandemic

During this coronavirus pandemic most people are preparing meals at home. Savory comfort food helps
to ease our concerns and make us feel better. CBS reported many have taken up baking bread and this
has caused flour shortage. Restaurants are selling flour to patrons to off load their surpluses and address
the shortage.
When my sons were young, I learned to make sour dough bread. It requires a mixture called ‘starter’ to
begin the process. The starter has to be fed regularly to keep the wild yeast in the mixture growing. The
batch would yield several loaves of bread. When I baked, the aroma drew my sons and the
neighborhood boys playing outside to curtail their play. They would sit in wait on the front porch. Once
the bread cooled, I would dole out warm, soft slices until the bread was gone. The starter process was
unique. If I did not use all of the mixture, I had to discard all but one cup or give it to someone.

If you could see the earth illuminated when you were in a place as dark as night, it would look to you more splendid than the moon.

This process reminds me of how I wrote my memoir. In 1994, I wrote the chapter ‘Furloughed’ and

several chapters that were edited from my final copy. Since I did not publish the book in the nineties, I
edited and discarded several pages. I retained a small portion of the ideas that made up my starter.
Twenty-five years ago my views were different. My experiences since I created the starter have shaped
me in ways I could not imagine. I’ve had a career in IT, my sons became men, I became a grandmother,
my parents are deceased, and I developed a chronic illness.
When you read ‘Deferred Genius’ each chapter symbolizes the loaves made from the starter fed by my
life experiences. If you have a project or goal locked in your heart, I am hosting the ‘Morning Meditation
Series‘for use as your starter while you are sheltering in place. Registration is available on the Events

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